​Disclaimer: House is being sold as-is, and buyer is to pay all closing costs. Seller of the property either owns or has equitable contractual interest in the property. No representations written or oral are made concerning the properties or contractual interest marketed. Price is based on a cash or hard money offer and is net to seller. All offers on properties require a $3000 to $5000 non-refundable earnest deposit and have an average 7 to 10 day close of escrow. Buyers to do their own independent due diligence. Anderson And Associates Real Estate, LLC and its parent companies, LLC's, members or representatives make no guarantees concerning properties condition, value, financial benefits or characteristics. Equal Opportunity Housing. One or more members of Anderson And Associates Real Estate, LLC are real estate licensees in the state of Arizona. Banks and Trustees have the right by law to cancel the foreclosure sale in the State of AZ only if the homeowner files Bankruptcy before the sale. As an example if you buy today and begin the property rehab tomorrow before you receive the deed, you can and may be responsible for the rehab costs if the trustee rescinds the sale and returns your funds. The best way to avoid this, is to wait until deed is in your possession before beginning the property rehab. Another issue to be aware of is if title companies do not always find IRS liens even when the property is in first lien possession. If you purchase a property that has an IRS lien, there could be a 120 days seasoning period in effect until the subject property can be sold. Back-due Property Tax and HOA Fee disclaimer; All properties are taxed by the county and some properties are located within HOA's. We use software that makes a call to the county treasurer as a courtesy, but there are times when the data is not up to date. Buyers are solely responsible to verify independently at to confirm taxes owed if any.

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0% Down Home LoaN

It is FREE to find out if you qualify for a 0% down home loan. Give Vincent Anderson Realtor a call or a text day or night 602-348-7282. Quit paying your landlords mortgage off, and start paying off your own mortgage. Stop throwing your money away on rent when you could be applying your hard earned money towards paying off your own home. When you pay rent, you are simply making your landlord richer and flushing your own money down the drain.

Many people do not think they qualify for a home loan. Many of my clients’ monthly mortgage payments are LESS than they are paying in rent every month. If you can buy a home with 0% down, pay less on a mortgage payment than you were in rent, and your first payment isn’t due on your new home for 60 days, I would actually be saving you money on purchasing a home versus continuing to rent!

With this new loan program that just came out, I could be very well handing you the keys to your new home within 4 weeks. If you can buy a home with no money down, and pay less on a mortgage payment than you were in rent, it makes perfect sense!

When you pay rent, you are literally flushing your own money down the drain, and you are simply making your landlord richer. There is a reason your landlord goes through all of the trouble to purchase property and rent it out, it is so you can pay off his investment. You need to start applying your hard earned money towards your own investment, and your future, not your landlords.

To start shopping for your new home here in Arizona, simply click on the SEARCH tab above of this site and you can view ALL homes in Arizona for sale for FREE! This is FREE Arizona MLS access for all of my clients. There are no adds, no pop ups, simply 100% free MLS access. There is no lag in availability If it is showing active, it is available for sale. You can search by city, price range, zip code, school district, and much, much more. Enjoy!


Vincent Anderson Realtor, with 15 years of experience in helping people buy and sell homes in Arizona. I have no problem offering 20% below asking price for my Arizona home buyers. With firm negotiations, I will get you the very best price available for your new home here in Arizona. The difference between an experienced Realtor, and a bad Realtor, can literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars. I will get you the very best price for your new home with firm negotiations, I have been doing it for myself, and for others for over 15 years. When making the biggest investment of your life, you need proper representation. When purchasing a home, I would be representing you as the buyer’s representative.

The best part about this is, the seller pays the buyer's Realtor, so you are getting premier representation at absolutely not additional costs to you so give me Vincent Anderson a call at 602-348-7282 to get started.